Solar fencing is also known as solar electric fencing. Generally fencing is used to restrict unauthorized entry from inducers. In fencing, solar fencing is one of its kinds which has many advantages. Solar fencing is known for its first line safety.

And other security systems like CCTV security surveillance system, Burglar alarm system are also been widely used as a second line safety. This system only can identify the inducers once he entered the premises.

The advantage of solar fencing is that it can stop entering outsiders, inducers entering into premises unlike other lagging systems doesn’t help as explained above.


Standard solar fencing is constructed in such a way that no one can climb or pass on through many strands in the solar fencing.

Solar fencing consists of positive (+ve) & (-ve) wire constructed throughout the perimeter of the premises either on the compound wall (or) on the grand level of the earth.

  1. The (+ve) & (-ve) wires which are laid using HT (High Tensile) wire.
  2. Anti climb insulator are used as a strong insulation which will separate the wire touching the poles and getting earthed.
  3. Generally the height of a solar fencing intermediate a pole is 1mtr height with a strong foundation of 1 feet inside the wall. The poles are made up of mild steel and are hot dip galvanized. It’s not mandate to have always the same height when constructing fencing. The height of fencing depends on the premises and differs based on the solution.
  4. The no of strands may vary in fencing as per site locations.

For example: for farm lands the gap between strands are generally high because the objective to control animals entry into the fence.

The second example: The site like an industry dealing very small iron plate. Here we need to plan the strands as close as 4 inches since its very easy if the gap is high, people to rob the iron plates through the solar fencing.

  1. In solar electric fencing the corner poles are constructed with the support of poles, since there will be a lot of weigh on the corner poles.
  2. Wire tighter plays a major role in constructing fencing ;tighter is used to tight the fence wire and keep it straight for good looking.
  3. Earthing kit need to be installed for every 200 Mts to get a good conductivity. It is connected to     (-ve) strands.
  4. Using DI(double insulated) cable the fence is connected to solar fence energizer is the heart of system, the peak voltage generated by energizer is about 9000 to 10000 volts and energizer sends impulses to check solar fencing to state the condition of the fence. Generally it sends 45 impulses to check for every 60 Secs. The shock is calculated in joules of energy for shock in order to give psychology impact.
  5. Hooter is evacuated once there is an inducer passing of any short in solar fencing for alerting. GPRS modules can be also integrated with energizer in order to send an SMS stating that the fence is short.
  6. Solar photo voltaic panels is connected to solar fencing to generate power and stored in a maintenance free battery which further suppliers power 12volts power to energizer.
  7. Auto Charging module can be installed in order to charge battery through conventional electricity in case of low voltage in battery.


Sno Description
1 Anti climb insulators
2 Reel insulator
3 Insulators tighter
4 Gate springs
5 Earth kit
6 Intermediate poles
7 Corner poles
8 Support poles
9 Solar fencing energizer
10 Solar panel
11 Maintenance free battery
12 Solar charge controller
13 Hooter
14 HT wire
15 D1 cable


  • No mortality – Does not lead to Death
  • Creates a huge psychological impacts, so that no tries to touch again
  • No danger to animals
  • First line safety
  • Easy for maintenance
  • Fool proof solution


The objective of installing industrial solar electric fencing is to restrict unauthorized entries and  also to restrict of out word materials lying in and around industries.

Exp; there will be lot of scrap (waste material which can be utilized or recycled) lying in the premises of industry which is not secured, so their use possibilities of getting robbed.


Height- 1 mts- 2 mts

No of strands- 9mts to 16 mts

Energizer- upto 1 km.


For domestic use the fencing can be installed from the ideal height ½ feet to 1 Mt, no of strands- 6 to 9.


Agricultural solar fencing objective is to restrict the animals into the farm. The idea is to protect the cultivation from the animals getting into the fence. Mainly the farms near the forest get affected of those animals the same kind of solution is used to restrict animals coming out of forest.


Height : 2 Mts height

No of strands : 9 to 16.


  • Commercial areas
  • Defense areas
  • Apartments
  • Industries
  • Gated Communities
  • Forest Boarders

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