Essa tech services are the CCTV camera dealers in Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad. We have done more than 1500 CCTV Installations. Now a days CCTV cameras are widely been used to monitor & prevent the crime rate. CCTV cameras help in Investigating of theft or robbery  and many more crimes that are going around the world . Traffic is also been monitored by CCTV at various signal points.

CCTV surveillance is very important at hospitals to monitor the patient and the security movements.

CCTV at hotels helps to monitor the crimes and helps the security to watch for any suspicious activies

The CCTV system consists of

1.CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras, are an electronic devices and are been used for security purposes. CCTV cameras are connected to DVR or NVR for getting the recording process done.

2.DVR or NVR

DVR means digital video recorder, NVR means network video recorder are electronic devices which help in recording the videos of CCTV in compressed version. the videos get stored in surveillance hard disk.

Internal hard disk

Internal hard disk is electronic device which stores all the data.

3. Power supply units

4. BNC, DC connectors

5. CCTV 3+1 cable, 4+1 cable

6.Other accessories like video baloon, poe switches

Classification of CCTV

Indoor CCTV cameras

Indoor CCTV cameras which are using for indoor purpose

Outdoor CCTV cameras

Outdoor CCTV cameras which are using for outdoor purpose

Types of DVR or NVR

  1. 4 channel
  2. 8 channel
  3. 16 channel
  4. 32 channel

Range of CCTV

Range of CCTV cameras depends on the lens, for wide angle one need to choose the lens on of camera with 3.6 mm.

Types of CCTV

  1. PTZ cameras
  2. IP cameras
  3. Analog HD cameras
  4. Analog cameras

Present technologies in CCTV

  1. HDCVI
  2. HDTVI
  3. HDSVI
  4. AHD
  5. IP
  6. Analog

WE are authorized CCTV dealers in Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad for the brands like hikvision, CP plus, Dahuva, vintron

We guarantee the 100% best price and service compared to market.

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