Home automation system

It is an automatic & electronic control of house hold features, appliances and various systems. And it majorly used in residential buildings and corporate offices.

Home automation system gives the access to control the devices in home, residences or buildings from a mobile device in anywhere. Home automation control lights, appliances, electrical outlets, heating and cooling systems by a remote controllable network.

Home automation system also controls the linked devices like alarm systems, doors, windows, locks, smoke detectors, surveillance cameras etc. Home automation is unique controlling method for security to your home.

Using home automation system you can save your electricity consumption, by this automation system you can control your home by switch on or off anytime, anywhere without interrupting your work. You can control either with wall mounted terminal, mobile phone software, tablet computer or a web interface.

Make your house as smart by using home automation system to govern the home heating and cooling systems, the energy efficiency is to be control by the automation system, basically automation system is used to scheduling the program of lighting for usual daily schedule.

Home automation system is more flexible to electrical outlets or individual devices can automatically powered down when no need, and the more interesting point is you could set coming home option to turns on the light and electrical devices when you entered to home, and leaving home option to save the wastage of electricity when you left the home by using mobile phone in home automation system.


  • It provides more secure and comfort
  • Will save your money and energy
  • Make your home and business safer
  • With this system you are ready for future


  • Control the lighting system
  • Control the heating, ventilation & AC by remote control
  • House hold security systems such as security cameras
  • Indoor positioning system
  • Flexibility
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