Heat detector is a fire alarm device designed to respond when the surroundings heat temperature is increase from normal temperature.


There are two operations in this detector, rate of rise and fixed temperatures, most commonly used for these detectors.

The fixed temperature point for electrically connected heat detector 58degrees centigrade. When the temperature is increased in the surroundings then it reach to sensitive part in heat detector.

Rate-of-rise heat detector operated temperature of 12 degrees to 15 degrees F (6.7 º to 8.3º C). This type of detectors is operating at lower temperature fire condition. These detectors are used where smoke detectors not are practical. These are used in kitchens, boiler houses etc.

Rate of detectors

  • Designed to sense rapid increasing of temperature
  • Effective in environments where the ambient temperature is normal

Application areas

These detectors are used in the places

  • Parking areas
  • Kitchens
  • Generator rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Industries
  • Shopping malls
  • Buildings

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