Flameproof MCP means

Flame Proof MCP are used to activate the fire alarm system in case of fire incident.

MCP plays vital role in activating the  fire alarm system manually when discovering a fire. Flame proof MCPs differ in operation and design from other fire alarm system.

We offer flameproof manual call points used to perform well when the fires present. We provide flameproof MCPs with maintaining its high quality and are used at hazard places in industrial areas, commercial areas, shopping complex etc.

Manual alarm call points raises alarm manually during the fire emergencies. MCPs operated manually by push button. It is easy to install and its performance make user-friendly.

The sound produced by the flameproof MCP is different for buildings, industries, and home.

The features of flameproof manual call points are

  • High reliability
  • Long working life
  • Simple to installation
  • High performance
  • Perfect functioning
  • Precise engineering

Application area

  • Petro chemical industries
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