Fire hydrant is the active fire protection component. These are the components of fire hydrant system. This can be used in place of combination air valves to provide the require air-release service.

This is a connection point for fire fighters and can tap a water supply. Water is least expensive and most abundant available fire fighting agent. The operation of this hydrant, the user is attached a hose to fire hydrant. Then a valve opens on the hydrant to provide a powerful flow of water and split into multiple streams.

The pressure of water flow is 350kpas, this pressure varies according to the region, location of the attached water main. And this depends on the various factors. This hydrant needs a diffuser, if a fire hydrant without diffuser may flush the discolored water.

Primarily we need to check how much water is available from the closest hydrant. So we can select the appropriate size hose lines, and the water pressure of the hydrant to react immediately to correct pumping operation at the supply.

There is a color code indication is available in the hydrant to know how much water will provide that particular hydrant. This allows taking quick decision making to access which hydrant is suitable for the fire.

Operations of  fire hydrant

These are actually pretty simple in the way they work and each fire hydrant is connected to a large underground pipe that carries water. To get water out from the hydrant, fire fighters are using a five-sided spanner to open one or more cover and connect hoses to opening.

The water comes from the hydrant is same water that comes in our schools, house, offices. The main challenges for hydrants are design, anti-freezing, hydraulic efficiency, ease to repair.


  • New construction sites
  • Public agency or Utility
  • Private users with tank/tanker
  • Return of the hydrant meter

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