Fire fighting training is training program for civil society awareness. Fire fighting plays a vital role in public safety to respond immediately on fire accidents and other emergencies where required.

In some collages,we  train the students and conducting programs about fire fighting to  them who are interested.

This programs provides instructions in fire prevention, hazardous material control, CPR, and chain-of command protocols.

After these exercises and courses candidates understand how to use the fire fighting equipment. And operation of fire engines, fire extinguishers, ladders, hoses, axes, and other firefighting equipment.

we also provide training regarding fire investigation, land mines, breathing apparatus, personal protective equipment and salvage operations. The fire fighting training students are taken by written, oral & physical exams to being assigned to duty.

Basic fighting training

Basic fire fighting training main purpose is to training resources to prevent destruction of fire, property and the environment. Fire fighting training is a highly technical skill that to prevent the life in fire accidents.

With proper fighting training and education, will able to make the right decision in the emergency situation.

Annually as a result of fire accidents approximately 300 to 600 people die and thousands of people injured in so many countries. And damage of property due to fire accidents approximately 1 to 100 crores.

By using of fire extinguishers we can stop the fire, different types of fire extinguishers are used for different types of fires. The fire fighting training courses are aimed to teaching prevention in fire accidents. And basic fire fighting skills to fight with fire in emergency situation to minimize the loss of life and property.
The basic fire fighting courses to every student is to aware how the fires start, spread, and controlled. And after that this training provides practical knowledge and use of hand operated firefighting equipment.

The Fire Safety Management and Risk Analysis Services are to train the student complete training about the fire fighting and firefighting equipment. The fire fighting training is need to every work place and home environment.

Fire Fighting Training Courses Contain

  • Fire introduction
  • The fire burning process
  • Classes of fires
  • Extinguishing medium and extinguisher
    o Water
    o Foam
    o Carbon dioxide
    o Dry chemical powder
  • Fire equipment
  • Methods of operation
  • Operating procedure
  • Fire hose reels
  • Lifting and carrying techniques
  • Fire suppression with hose and hydrant operation
  • Fire equipment care and maintenance
  • How the fire spreads
  • Fire Prevention
  • Fire bucket
  • Fire blanket
  • Types of fire attacks

Essa Tech Services professional in fire fighting training in  Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad. As much as possible we show you how to do inspections, maintenance, prevention and repairs effectively in practical fire fighting training. We trained you the basic functions of products and system in fire fighting system.

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