DVR is a digital video recorder, is an electronic device used to record the data which is captured by the CCTV camera. DVR digital video recorder records the video in a digital format to a disk drive further that can be copied to flash drive, SD memory card, networked mass storage(or)local drives.
DVR uses H.264 coding-compression technology for compression the video. Dvr has the High resolution output connectors like  HDMI, VGI .
Motion detection is the process of detecting a change in the position of object relative to its surroundings. This can be achieved by either mechanical (or) electronic processes. In this motion detection various types of methods are available.

DVR Features

  • Resolutions can be controlled in DVR for Recording more number days
  • Simultaneous Play back of all cameras
  • Motion Detection feature in DVR is very well used for getting recorded of cameras only at motion
  • Push Services like sending mails in case of motion at time you wish can be activated in DVR
  • P2P Services are can be activated for the Mobile view


Hard disk is a storage device that is used to store and retrieve the digital information using one or more rigid that rapidly rotating disks. That rotating disks are coated with magnetic material and paired with magnetic heads. Hard disk drives are a type of non-volatile memory, retaining stored data even when power off. The most important characteristics of hard disk drive are depends upon its capacity and  based on the power of hard disks 1 terabyte, 500 gigabytes


The playback option in DVR is also one of the most common factors of the DVR, by this playback option we can see what is happened on past time and date. The data which is captured by the camera will allow previewing what is happened on each camera at choose time. If you want to proceeding the before time go to playback menu, and choose the correct date and time then click on the playback option. It is useful through USB cable, Flash drive and hard drive disk, by this we can copy all the information which is captured by CCTV.

Different types of DVR

1) Analog DVR for analog cameras
2) HD CVI and tribid
3) AHD
4) HD Sid
5) HD tvi
HD and analog and AHD processes are also available with us.

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