CO2 flooding system is used for the evacuating CO2 in the event of fire, CO2 gas expands in the event of fire and reduces the oxygen levels and controls the fire. Carbon dioxide is the fire extinguisher medium used in CO2 flooding system. CO2 is an effective fire suppression agent and it is applicable in a wide range of fire hazards areas.

CO2 fire flooding system is designed as per the site conditions. The quantity of CO2 cylinders depends on the location what we choose.

The CO2 fire flooding can be used in either ways

  1. By using panel
  2. By using fire trace tube


When the system is designed with panel once the detection of fire or a smoke, the evacuation of CO2 starts Immediately by using solvanid valve.

What is fire trace tube.

The fie trace tube is connected to the fire extinguishers with a closed end and high pressure. Once there is fire the tube expands & burst and releases the gas and controls the fire.

Applications of fire trace

  1. Automobiles
  2. Capacitor banks
  3. Industries
  4. Ships
  5. Battery Banks
  6. Label trays.

We at Essa Tech Services experienced dealers in CO2 flooding system. Co2 flooding systems are been used at the capacitor banks, cables trays, ducts. The co2 flooding system shall be designed as per the place of choice and the gas shall be ranted through the MS pipes and fire non versant tubes under pressure.

Our company supplies the CO2 gas (carbon dioxide) it can be a fire flooding system, fm 200 flooding system. The CO2 flooding system will be designed as per the conditions of place and the importance of the data or the material which need to be safe guarded frame the ire for the petroleum products, foam flooding system need to be used.

For the petroleum products, foam flooding system need to be used. For the electrical fire CO2 flooding system shall be used depending on the circumstance.

Essa Tech also deal in CO2 fire suppression system, gas suppression system, CO2 fixed fire fighting system, automatic CO2 flooding system.

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