Beam detector are used for detection of smoke in remote areas.

It comes in two parts,one  installed for fire detection just opposite to each other in beam detector by  using a beam of light to project across the area where smoke is present.

It is also known as optical beam smoke detector. They are replacement of smoke detectors in the areas like spacious rooms, function halls, open areas, high ceiling, open shed, ware houses.

With the use of beam detectors the cost can be reduced compared to smoke detector. These are used in large commercial, industrial buildings to detect the fire when a fire incident has occurred.

Principle operation of beam detectors

This works on the principle of light obscuration. When the transmitted light percentage is blocked by the smoke the detector activates and sends signal, It uses beam light to project across an area to monitor for smoke emitted by an incipient fire. When the smoke is present in the beam path.


  1. Projected beam smoke detectors
  2. Reflective beam smoke detectors

Reflective beam smoke detectors are used in spacious rooms, open areas, high ceilings, reception halls, department stores,cinemas, theaters, warehouses, arenas, and churches.

Applications areas of beam detectors

Beam detectors are used in the following places

  • Hotels
  • Towers
  • Industries
  • Hospitals
  • Functional Halls

Areas that beam detectors should not be fitted

  • Spaces where high level of ambient light are in normal condition.
  • Areas with excessive amount of dust, smoke, water vapour are in normal condition.
  • Areas where temperature changes rapid.
  • Areas of surfaces subject to vibration or movements.


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