Addressable Fire Detection System are used to save the money, time and effort .

In  many places mostly used fire alarm panels are Addressable fire alarm system and Conventional fire alarm system. The main difference between these two fire alarm panels are, in addressable fire alarm panel can pinpoint the exactly activated device.

Addressable fire alarm system is made of series of detectors which are connected to central control panel.In this system each device has a address/particular location.With the help of this system you can quickly identify the triggered area.When a fire is detected this system indicates the particular triggered place. Based on the wiring addressable fire detection panels are more reliable and these systems are superior in functionally.

This system is used in large buildings, commercial premises and in wide areas. Addressable fire detection system is more reliable than conventional fire detection system.


  • Quickly determine the fire location
  • Better handling or false alarms
  • More reliability
  • Lower cost of wiring
  • Ability to monitor the system
  • Reduce false fire alarms
  • Monitoring and checking all individual fire detectors
  • Operating mode is different and voltage is set to little higher at 29VDC


Addressable fire alarm panel is the main heart of the intelligent fire detection system .The panel senses the information from the addressable smoke detectors, heat detectors, multi detectors and other sensors for the detection in the event of fire.

 is a device that to provide the secondary indication of the main fire alarm system. It control the condition at remote location from the main control panel.

Areas of applications

  • Industries
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Function halls
  • Towers
  • Complex


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