These fire extinguishers are recently developed and these are used for avoid the heat element of fire when the fire accident was occurred. These are used primarily for class A fires and also used for class C fires. Water mist are used in Data centers, Marine, Industries where are liabilities are very high. Water mist discharges when the risk of fire and controls the situation in less the 10seconds. Water mist also known as FM200 or fire gas. This system combination of fire alarm system, when the earlier of fire, smoke gets detected and fire alarm activates and the fire alarm panels sends the signal and triggers the    FM200 and it further extinguisher to control the fire.


  • Cheaper than the sprinkler system
  • No residuals
  • Safe operation
  • Ideal for data centers
  • Ups rooms, marine
  • No ozone depletion
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Water Mist
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