For the customer security need we provide video door phone services, video door phone let u know who were came to your home, and who is stand near your door before you open it, these are having effective security solution.

It protects you from the unknown persons who entered before your home and it gives security and resistant the crimes. So video door phone is better option for the second to maintain there are proven themselves to be reliable the process of working of video door phone the device screen is inside of our door and identifying component is outside, if any one comes near door it will display the picture of the person.

This device is mainly maintained are application in apartments, homes and in companies.


  • Family home
  • Residential complex
  • Work places, etc.


  • Color TFT
  • Sleek lock
  • Unlocks the electric lock on identifying the visitor enables two way communication
  • Advanced night vision camera
  • Get secured with our services and live happily.