Thermal CCTV Cameras works as visual thermal camera in dark scenes. It is very useful for detecting people and objects from pitch dark and sunlit parking areas.

It is mainly used to capture the images based on the heat. That heat radiation gives intimation to the camera to process any object, vehicle (or) person.
Thermal network cameras are less sensitive towards problems with light conditions such as shadows, back light, darkness objects. And also delivers the images that allow operators to detect and act on suspicious activity.

Probably thermal cameras are the better choice when needed the hours and days detection with a low rates of false alarms.

These are the best identifiers of the human’s body temperature. And excellent at detecting humans movement in wide range of circumstances.

It works in mid wavelength IR (MWIR) domain, which is exactly 3-5 µm IR (LWIR) domain 8-14 µm.

Thermal images captured sometimes associated with bright intense colors the working position of camera with outside the spectrum of visible light.


Thermal CCTV cameras are widely used in military borders.

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