Multi Smoke Cum Heat Detector is also known as multi detector. The multi detector is the one of the part in fire alarm system.

The multi detector detects the fire and smoke also. We can utilize their multi detector with multiple fictionalized with multiple detection signals.

It is specialized in one i.e. in order to detect a fire may occur in certain place it gives quickest reaction within possible amount of time. This fire alarm sensor having quality of detecting the products of combustion from a particular type of fire.

In multiple detection one of the detector works like having great at identifying the smoke particles from a synthetic materials, hot work well at detecting the heat from a rapidly obtaining liquids fire.

The primary advantage of multi sensor detector is that having quickly identifying when different of fires has started. There multi-sensor detectors normally triggered by many more types of fires than single sensor detectors.

If low profile multi detector contains optical smoke detector and one heat detector within one housing functioning of multi sensor detector of fire. Combining of heat and smoke sensing will generate reliable and accurate fire alarm detection.

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