LAN(Local Area Network)

LAN structured cabling, these are very useful for every commercial areas, for having internet to access from everywhere to one connection, in commercial building we use this cables for server connection to the system it needs form of structured cabling.

And many of them require afuld wiring for panels, switches, routers, and media converters everything you need to maintain your structured cabling and LAN.

A structured cabling system is the type of cabling connectors and accessories that makeup the LAN (Local area network) inside a commercial building it needs to maintain a modern router/network switch and Ether net cabling, it available in fiber optics LAN used servers are like, Pc’s used to display their connection via Ethernet network, structured cabling provider quality of network dedicate multiple high performance & internet video, data storage, telephone communication ect. These cabling design include two main groups of equipment in LAN active equipment passive equipment.

WAN (Wide Area Network)

We also provide WAN (wide area network) services to the users WAN’s are used for the telecommunication connection to the different connections to the get systems, it covers the wide range areas networks so it called to be a (WAN) it is used mainly for the purpose to carryout various functions different areas (or) locations the internet converted into WAN process the WAN is very useful to function the work easily in our daily works easily.

This WAN system are applied in some areas like educational fields, government offices, business organization to get the work to access easily and fastly to process the data among staff, students, clients, suppliers, buyers.

WIFI solution

WIFI solution is a process of technology that is used to allow the electronic devices to connect through single connection as wireless LAN network now a day’s every where we can see connection WIFI solution, it is major need for every access of data and collection of information we need this wireless process, we can access there WIFI solution through router (or) LAN cable from one router we can connect many LAN cables to access connection to the system (or) server these WIFI is available in different MBPs, GBPs.

The application areas of their WIFI solution is government officer shopping malls restaurants, software companies, it having a password facility with privacy password from the unauthorized users.

We can remove the password by the authorized user WIFI solution useful components are mobile phones laptops, computer systems etc.

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