Essa tech provide high quality industrial CCTV cameras. These cameras are with high quality picture clarity to cover each and every side of the industrial surroundings, it having optical lens for zooming, color imaging sensors industrial cctv having some more special quality and capacity and then normal analog cameras they longer in size than compare to other cctv cameras because the industrial areas in different phases like some places with flammable, harsh, muddy, with ash and some more with dusty etc.

To overcome all these problems so, we have high quality and shield proof cameras are need in some industries like steel, oil, power plants we need to use metal shield proof cameras, because in that places heat is at point and in muddy and dusty industries we provide a wiper cameras in that wiper the dusty and from the glass lens of the cctv it creates safer more efficient to clients, which has enormous impact on efficiency, portability and risk control.

Hazardous area rated cctv systems (section-1,division-1,2 explosion proof)
Marine and offshore cctv systems highly corrosive environment extreme temperature application such as furnaces and dryers.

Vessel interior viewing, oil refineries, and other petro chemical.
The application of these industrial cctv in material manufacturing plants, oil refineries, mining facilities and chemical manufacturing plants, crushing factories etc.

Various industrial cameras like:

• Hazardous area cameras
• Corrosion resistant stainless steel cameras
• High temperature cameras
• Wiper cameras
• Highly capture optical zooming cameras

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