Handheld metal detector is used for security checking purpose, these hand held detectors are handled to detect (or) check the person and bags. It is a ultra high sensitive detectors and easy to operate which had made most demand, it has a button to press, LED display, indicate operation mode. It detects every concealed metal items like weapons, guns, knives and even electronic components having handle grip and sleek dimensions make handling less tiring and gives comfortable even doing for long hours scanning.


  • With super sensitivity, it can detect extremely tiny metal articles.
  • Sound and vibration alarm process are optional button options like –ON & OFF.
  • Red light indicates alarm.
  • Green light indicate power.
  • Yellow light indicate low voltage.
  • Battery with 9v, rechargeable battery.
  • Alarm modes simultaneous sound and lighting.
  • Most importantly we can carry it any where.


  • Court rooms,
  • Customs,
  • Banks,
  • Jewelries unit,
  • Defense areas
  • Hotels
  • Airports

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