A flame detector is a device to detect and respond the presence of flame. Petro chemicals industries are mainly using these detectors.

flame detector sensor

present in the flame detector it detects the fire and responds in fraction of second sending alarms of the flame responded area.

The alarm is interlinked to the fuel line which stops the pumping of fuel and activates suppression system

Flame detectors used to detect fire and to respond when in presence of fire.

There is sensor inside the detector, when the fire temperature is increased it sense the flame and sounding the alarm, and deactivate the fuel line and active the suppression system.

Industrial furnaces are used these detectors. These can respond faster and more accurate than a smoke/heat detector due to mechanism of flame detector. Based on this reason industrial furnace uses this type detectors.

Flame detection is a technology to detect the flame or smoke or heat in fire accidents by using a flame detector.

Applications areas

• Parking buildings
• Ware houses
• Waste disposal facilities
• Culture centers

Applications of UV/IR flame detectors 

• Hydrogen stations
• Gas-fueled cookers
• Industrial heating & drying system
• Domestic heating system
• Industrial gas turbines

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