When in fire accidents fire sprinklers are play a major role in controlling the fire and used in buildings, apartments, offices, commercial places, industrial places.

Home fire sprinklers include a piping system that filled with water under pressure that installed behind the walls and ceiling. When the fire accidents are occurred the air temperature rises then the fire sprinkler activates. Then the fire sprinklers sprays water forcefully over the flame to control it under the room temperature and limiting the toxic smoke.

Fire sprinkler system is classified as the fire suppression system. The advantages of the fire sprinklers are very high as compared to normal conventional fire fighting system. Every sprinkler protects the below, area when there is a fire activity.

The fire sprinklers are designed in such a way that covers all the building area, During fire activity because of the intense heat, the fire sprinklers bulb gets burst due to the expansion of the liquid which is packed in tight glass and further the extinguishers the water and control the fire.
The place without the fire sprinklers catches the fire grow and spread the fire to other location, high toxic gases and heats generated causes huge loss of property and death of individually in many cases. It is always recommended and mandate by the local government to have the fire moc for the function halls, cinema halls, hotels, hospitals, schools and high towers, commercial complete we undertake the installation.
Automatic sprinklers are highly effective and reliable than the other sprinklers. Fire sprinklers are reacting so quickly and reduce the heat, flame and smoke produced in the fire accidents.

Different types

The fire sprinklers are in different types, there are

  • Quick responses
  • Standard response
  • Control Mode Specific Application(CMSA)
  • Residential
  • Early Suppression Fast Response(ESFR)

Application areas of fire sprinkler

  • Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping malls
  • Apartments
  • Industries
  • Commercial areas

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We Eass tech service the fire sprinkler is a device in a fire sprinkler system that is used to discharge water when the fire detects in fire accidents or when increasing temperature in the surrounding areas.

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