Fire Hydrant System comprises of AC motor driven pump sets with all required accessories, including valves, instrumentation and controls. In a critical fire wet riser or the down comer which is connected to fire hydrant system plays a major role in ejecting water or the foam to control fire accidents.

Fire hydrant system can be automated, pressure is been set in the pipe line which is been connected and monitored through pressure gauge and pressure switch, when the pressure falls in the pipe line which means the fire hydrant valve is in open and water evacuation of water takes place then the pressure switch sends the communication to automatic fire panel and thus fire pump starts and evacuate the water with high pressure.

The fire hydrant system consists of the down comer or wet riser, fireman pipe line which holds minimum pressure of 6kgs , landing valves ( Hydrant valves) , CP hose or RP Hose and a branch nozzle .


In a building, fire hydrant system is a safety measure and emergency equipment required that comprises a series of components when assembled together provide a source of water to assist fire. A fire hydrant system is a supplies water with sufficient pressure and flow delivered through pipes installed in and around the buildings.

Automatic fire hydrant consists of

  • high capacity water tank
  • fire pumps (main and stand by : jockey pump, main pump and diesel pump)
  • yard hydrants (landing valves or hydrant valves)
  • cp hose or rp hoses
  • branch nozzles (branch pipe)
  • hose reel drums
  • fire brigade (fire inlet valve)
  • valves
  • NRV(non return valve)
  • butterfly valves
  • air release valve

System components

  • Water supply & storage
  • Pipe work & valves
  • Fire brigade booster
  • Booster pump set
  • Hydrant
  • Lay flat fire hose
  • Block plan

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