Fire extinguishers refilling process

The Fire Extinguisher is manually discharged and emptied and then dismantled completely and the  cylinder will be de-stressed. And then the cylinder is made to undergo a Hydro Static Pressure Test, the test pressure is 30 kgf cm sq.

The pressure test will be 2 minutes to check the leaks and burst capacity of fire extinguisher. Firstly the cylinder test process is fresh painting that static powder coating to cylinder. And baking it in Oven at 180° for 15 minutes to super fine quality and durable new paint surface on the cylinder.

The extinguisher agent i.e. powder, gas, water and foam is filled in the cylinder through a vacuum. That fills the cylinder with new agent. New refilling cylinders fitment mechanism includes all new rubber seals, O ring, and hose pipes are attached.

The fire extinguisher is charged and pressurized with 99.99% pure nitrogen mixed with helium. And after finishing the refilling and again go to leak test for check any leakage in the cylinder.
The fire extinguishers should be inspected in regularly. Cylinder may inspect in monthly or regular basis that to ensure that it is ready to use or not. Once a fire extinguisher has been used it is very important to recharge the cylinder in order to use it when require.

Inspection and maintainance

Inspection taken place to the extinguisher for damage, missing, and substitute parts of a cylinder.At least once in a year maintenance should be performed. And refilling should be taken place, inspection to ring pin for freedom of movement to it and replace if bent.

If any damage in hose & nozzle then remove and inspect hose & nozzle assembly and O ring, and replace if necessary.

Blow the air in the cylinder through hose & nozzle to ensure passage is clear and examine the air pressurizing valve for any damage is occur.

When damages occurred

  • If find out the leakage at O ring then remove valve assembly and install a new O ring.
  • If leakage at valve then install new valve assembly system. And check valve seat for any scratches.
  • If leakages around gauge threads then remove gauge and reinstall by using Teflon tape on the gauge threads.
  • If defect in gauge then remove defective gauge and install a new gauge by using Teflon tape on the gauge threads.
  • If leakage in cylinder then contact the persons for warranty of the cylinder.

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