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Essa Tech Services are the best professional fire extinguisher dealers in Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad in India. We deal in all types of fire extinguishers like dry chemical powder,  stored pressure, Water type fire extinguisher,  Foam type fire extinguisher, Dry Powder fire extinguisher, CO2 fire extinguisher, Wet Chemical fire extinguisher, Clean Agent, Dry powder fire extinguisher, Water Mist, ABC fire extinguisher, water fire extinguisher. There are different types of fire extinguishers to control different types of fires.

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Different classes of fires

Class A: Solids like paper, wood, plastics etc.
Class B: Flammable liquids like paraffin, petrol, oil etc.
Class C: Flammable gases like propane, butane, methane etc.
Class D: Metals like aluminium, magnesium, titanium etc.
Class E: Fires involving electrical apparatus
Class F: Cooking oil & fat etc.

Types of Fire Extinguisher

1) Water type fire extinguisher

: These fire extinguishers are cheapest and most widely used for class A fires such as paper, wood, plastics etc. Water type fire extinguishers are in red color. Operating of water fire extinguishers are easy to handle with long & flexible hosepipes.

These fire extinguishers are used to bring down the temperature of fire and the area around it. These fire extinguishers delivered high power throw of water and these having safety seal that can be broken in seconds and bring down the surrounding temperature and flame around it. These are 100% accurate, controllable discharge, superior grade EPDM rubber is used.

2) Foam type fire extinguisher

: These are expensive than water type fire extinguishers, but versatile. These are used for class A & B type fires such as solids and flammable liquids. These fire extinguishers are used to cool the fire and coat the fuel to prevent contact with oxygen.

These fire extinguishers are two types, high expansion foams are used in basements and low expansion foams are used on burning spills. Mechanical foam type fire extinguishers are available in 9ltrs & 50ltrs. Mechanical foam types are used for class A & B type fires such as solids and flammable liquids respectively.

3) Dry Powder fire extinguisher

: Dry powder fire extinguishers are used for multi-purpose and used on Class A, B & C fires such as solids, flammable liquids, and flammable solids respectively. These fire extinguishers are use nitrogen and these are filled with chemical powder and pressurized with a gas, usually nitrogen. These are squeezed grip operation and supplied complete with bracket.

The powder fire extinguisher offers a fantastic capability of fire protection and these have unique gauge testing system and easy to rechargeable and service. These fire extinguishers are use on delicate equipment, and not effective on Class F fire such as cooking oil & fat fires.

4) CO2 fire extinguisher

: These contain pure carbon dioxide which is clean extinguish-ant, leaving no residue. These are suitable for class B type fire such as flammable liquids petrol, oi, solvents etc. The inert CO2 gas excludes oxygen from the surface of the liquid fire and helps to control the fire.

Now days these fire extinguishers re used in modern offices, because of CO2 doesn’t leave any residue and doesn’t damage computers. But cold temperature of CO2 may damage very sensitive equipment of electronic devices. The pressure of highly compressed CO2 in exiting is 55bar.

Make sure that when selecting the CO2 exiting, it is frost-free horn. It may damage the skin when CO2 expands through horn because of high pressure CO2, and don’t store it near to radiators or indirect sunlight.

5) Wet Chemical fire extinguisher

: These fire extinguishers are used to removing the heat of fir and to prevent re-ignition by creating barrier between the oxygen and the fuel when the fire is raised in the surroundings.

Wet chemical fire extinguishers are used in kitchens, some of wet chemical fire extinguishers are used in commercial kitchens for class A type fires.

6) Clean Agent

: Clean agent fire extinguishers are also known as Halogenated fire extinguishers. Because these fire extinguishers are include the halon agent and also less one depleting halo carbon agents.

These are interrupting the chemical reaction of fire and these are only used for B & C type fires such as flammable liquids and flammable gases respectively. Some large clean agents are also used for A,B,C type fires.

7) Dry Chemical fire extinguisher

: These are also interrupting the chemical reaction of fire. Now days multipurpose dry chemical fire extinguishers are used. These are for A, B & C class fires. Ordinary dry chemical fire extinguishers are only used for B & C type fire.

8) Water Mist


: These fire extinguishers are recently developed and these are used for avoid the het element of fire when the fire accident was occurred. These are used primarily for class A fires and also used for class C fires.


we also undertake the maintenance of fire extinguishers, hydro test. We provide the necessary fire fighting training. The fire extinguisher refilling need to be don e frequently for every one year.

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