Door access control is a physical security system that is used for security purpose of a room or building. It limiting the access to that room or building to specify people by their records such as accesses. Whether your organization is large or small, the importance of managing access to your premises is controlled by Door access control system.

Access control systems are about more than just door security.  Access control systems provide security to business with an easy-to-use and cost-effective method of tracking employee activity to business. And also it reduces the inventory shrinkage.

Essa Tech Services understand that every organization needs about  door access control system to entry the authorized person in premises area. We also have security systems like door access control system buildin with most advanced technologies. These door access control systems are activated by fingerprint lock.

Operation of door access control

 The most widespread authentication methods for such systems are based on smart cards.  The practical application of door access control system is utilizing of biometric data. Biometric authentication uses information and specifications of a person in order to assure high level of security. It may be makes difficult for a stranger to impersonate that person. Although there are several types of biometrics authentication methods, the advanced one is finger print authentication.

A control device is connected to an automatic door lock and a LAN. A fingerprint scanner is fixed to the wall next to the door of each room. The fingerprint image data is sent to the controller via a USB connection means universal serial bus.

This system is attached to door, and these devices are available in single door access and multi door access. The device is fixed with lock a component. And extension is placed with that magnet. It shall be fixed to door that connect to biometric machine, and having switch called (push button), card reader. It acts as slave for same machine in advance door access system.

This system having controller also for single door system and for this device having RFID system and finger print option also. These devices are available in various options to perform, i.e., 2 door access, 4 door, 8 door, 16 door access system for that biometric reader are connected.

Applications Areas

  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • House doors
  • Lockers
  • Hospitals
  • Villas
  • IT sectors
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Door Access Control
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