Conventional fire alarm system is available since many years ago. The range of this system starts from 2 zones system to 100 zones.

This is used to detect the fire, as per the zones. It design for small facilities. In a conventional fire alarm system the information density is limited to the number of circuits that are used.

Anyone seeking feature-rich life safety control, from architects to engineers, facility managers to owners, will appreciate that our panels employ the most up-to-date technology and can efficiently meet life-safety needs and regulatory requirements. Our panels’ backward-and forward-capability helps us protect your initial system investment better than anyone in the industry.Upgrades can leverage your existing infrastructure and minimize disruption to building operations, helping you control costs over the life cycle of the system. Simplex control panels also offer you cost-effective means to expand your capabilities. Your control panel can be the foundation of a scalable fire and life-safety communications system, leveraging infrastructure you already have to add emergency notification systems.

Our conventional fire alarm panel are available with a range of capacities and feature sets, making it easier to find the right choice for your application.


  • Control panel and devices are cheap.
  • Simple setup.
  • Configuration is not required.
  • Compatibility between manufactures available in wide range.
  • Required less labor to install.


  • Small buildings,
  • Individual offices,
  • Retail shops,
  • Small stores.

We also provide the fire alarm panel, fire alarm system, addressable fire alarm panel.


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Conventional Fire Alarm System
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