Conventional fire alarm panel is a part of conventional fire alarm system. Conventional panels are used in small schools, stores, restaurants, and apartments.

Panel is connected to detectors which are indicate in zones. Maximum 20 detectors are connected in each zone. Zones classification shall be done as per the floor and number of detectors.

The advantage of this panel is cost effective for small applications. This may delay emergency responders from locating the fire.

Conventional fire alarm wiring diagram


The above figure shows the wiring diagram of conventional fire alarm panel. Battery circuit, power source, zones, and detectors are connected to control panel.

Advantages of conventional fire alarm panel

  • Control panel and device is tend to be cheaper
  • Simple in setup
  • Configuration not required
  • Wide range of compatibility between manufactures and also
  • Required less labor to install


  • Small buildings
  • Individual offices
  • Retail shops
  • Small stores
  • Restaurants and also
  • Apartments


Essa Tech Services dealing brands in conventional fire alarm panels like Ravel,  Morley, Firelite, Apollo, Agni.

We even take up the projects entire India and design the fire alarm  system as per international standards NFPA, and local Standards.

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