Burglar alarm system is known as Inducer alarm, security is the main concern for the people who are always travelling.

it depends on your personal preferences, budget, where you live, what your home is like and level of protection you need.

burglar alarm system is used in residential, commercial, industrial, and military areas.

This device used on building to make a loud warning signal or sound, flashing a light that could receive a mile away if someone unauthorized persons tries to enter into the building, apartments it restricts.

Types of Burglar Alarm System

  1. Wired
  2. Wireless
  3. Hybrid


In wired Burglar alarm sensors are connected through wires. which are stable for construction buildings, apartments, & shopping complex.


Wireless sensors are connected without wire using RF signals, ideally constructed for buildings.


Combination of both Ideal and constructed & under constructed

Various sensors

Magnetic contact sensor

Magnetic contact sensors are widely used in home security systems .They are placed on windows or doors to detect if unwillingly opened. most security systems incorporate the sensors into the main alarm system.


Glass break sensor

It is located on glasses,  the sensor gets activities upon breaking of glass.

Vibration sensor

Vibration sensors are located on walls when wall breaks, it gets activated on vibration

Shutter sensor

Shutter sensors are fitted below the shutter to detect authorized persons try to enter.

Smoke detector

Heat detector

The main advantage of burglar alarm system is to insert a sim card that will contact the important persons when the alarm activates.


  • High alert,
  • Safety.

Application areas

  • Industries,
  • Hospitals,
  • Shopping malls,
  • Commercial areas,
  • Industries,
  • Residencies,
  • Military areas.

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