Access control systems are used for physical security purpose, mainly used to restrict entry of unauthorized persons in a secured area.

It can operated with a mobile device to access entire building security with convenience.

Various Access Control Systems

Mainly to restrict the unauthorized entry of persons in software companies and offices used Door access control systems.

Boom Barriers also known as a boom gate,  It can be operated by using push buttons, RFID cards, and HF cards.

Metal Detectors is an electronic instrument used to detect the metal presence nearby. These are used for security checking purpose to find metals hidden within objects.

Door Frame Metal Detectors are used for the security purposes, probably it used for the entrances to walk through door frame metal detectors with pin point technology.

The metal detectors are truly the first choice of metal security door for professionals in worldwide.

Motorized Gates automatic operation with motor section. It also called sliding gates. This is kind of access control and it secures, from unauthorized entries.

Solar Fencing is another access control system. It uses electric shocks to restrict animals or unauthorized people from crossing a boundary it is one type of access control.


  • Electronic keys allow for remote access are extremely difficult to use duplicate
  • Never have to worry about losing of keys
  • Individual settings for each employee
  • Access control allows for history logging and also
  • Manage from any computer on the network

Application areas

  • Industries
  • Shopping Malls
  • Commercial Complex
  • Cinema Theaters
  • Toll Plazas
  • Offices
  • Gated communities and also
  • Apartments

Therefore it have specific security features that control how users and systems communicate. Consequently restrict areas used this access system for unauthorized vehicles or persons.

Hence we supply and install all types of access control systems as per international standard NFPA and local court.

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