AEBAS -aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System,

Essa Tech Services  is the authorized dealers for aadhar enabled biometric attendance system in India. The AEBAS are now has widely been used by Government and Educational institutes for the benefit which the system has i.e. the Aadhaar enabled biometric attendance system cross checks the finger template from the aadhaar server.

How Aadhar Enabled System works


Aadhar Enabled Attendance Biometric System can be communicate with the centralized attendance system with attender fingerprint and Id. And it sends the information to the Aadhar authentication server, it stores and records the information of the attendance report.

The primary purpose of this Aadhaar enabled biometric attendance system is to takes the employee attendance with an Aadhar number to identify his/her attendance in government offices.Through this Aadhaar enabled biometric attendance device we can save the employee details with his/her aadhaar number. So in central government departments this authentication device will be installing in each offices.

Features of Biometric Aadhaar System

  • 6 inch screen
  • Connects to Aadhar server
  • Wifi enabled device
  • Rugged device
  • It comes with battery, so it even work in the event of power failure
  • It is a time taken process to record attendance
  • 1-2 seconds in LAN
  • And 8-11 second SIM card based
  • Portable and easy to relocated

Advantages of Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System

  • Strong verification of finger templates from server
  • The employee can’t mark attendance in back date
  • The employee can’t mark some other attendance
  • Employees can’t having easy online registration
  • This system is fail proof
  • Real time monitoring, the system punches to the server within no time
  • This attendance system based on Aadhar authentication it based up on finger print and Iris Based
  • This device works on multiple platforms like windows and Android, etc.

Reports for Aadhar enabled biometric attendance system

  • Monthly reports
  • Weekly reports
  • Daily reports
  • Early out reports
  • Performance reports
  • Late in reports
  • Memo generation

Application areas

  • Educational institutes
  • Government offices





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